A Traveler’s Guide to Gettysburg: Part Two, Foods to Eat

Grab some food after your travels.

Christine’s Cafe


Christine’s only recently opened its Gettysburg location, but I’m absolutely hooked.  Vegan options, fancy options, AND decent prices? Consider me impressed.

Blue & Gray Burgers

Get yourself really in the spirit (pun unintended) of Gettysburg with one of the Blue & Gray’s burgers—topped with a flag!

Gettysburg Root Beer

Continue the Gettysburg spirit with a Gettysburg root beer.


There seems to be a winery around every corner here in Gettysburg.  The house Ginnie Wade was born in? Winery.  It’s literally everywhere, so take advantage.




NAHF also has Tractor Square Dancing, if that’s your thing.


On a similar note, you will be immersed in Apple culture here in Adams County.  We have the National Apple Harvest Festival in nearby Biglerville each fall, and name everything we can after the fruit (like car dealerships).  I’m partial to Rice Fruit Co., but there are plenty of options to suit your taste.

The Mine

The Reliance Mine Saloon is the perfect hidden gem.  Hidden behind a hotel, it’s easy to miss this mine shaft-turned-bar.  The temperature is variable, and it’s small and dark, but I think of it as cozy.



Butter beer, people.  Bacon-flavored anything.  You want it, Sweeet! has it.

Ping’s Cafe

We’ve got a few Asian-style restaurants, but Ping’s is my favorite.  Get the edamame to start and try a bubble tea.


Mexican food at a good price.  They even do take-out!

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