Starting Over Again

“And I was losing myself out in the darkness alone, but the night made me strong and I learned to let go. Time mends the heart;  you turn the page, somehow, oh, there’s no lookin’ back— the hurtin’s behind you now.  Starting over again…..” –Starting Over, Cher

As I return to the real world, I’ve had some pretty good news come along.

  • I started writing for Uloop News.  The site is described as “college news and classifieds,” and I’ll be covering news and the like from Gettysburg.

    Harry and I now come up together in Google. #truelove

    Harry and I now come up together in Google. #truelove

  • I’m starting a Her Campus chapter here at Gettysburg.  After reading Dani Dearest’s piece on how the experience has affected her, I—being a longtime fan of the site— decided to try it myself.  After a surprisingly intense application process, I filled out some paperwork today to make it official!
  • I visited my family for a few days, which was a welcome break from the endless work my summer had started to become.
    IMG_2048 IMG_2297
  • I’ve started working on my 101 in 1,001 list.
  • I’ve made some impressive short-term progress on my 2015 Reading Challenge.
  • I’ve discovered the wonder that is Brownie Batter Oreos (shout-out to Nabisco for vegan cookies).
  • I met MiLB’s wonderful Brodie Greene.
  • I went school supply shopping (which can only mean a new colour-coded post coming in the near future!).
  • I moved into my new room.  It’s a far cry from “large” (I affectionately refer to it as “The Shoebox”), but I prefer to call it “cozy.”  I’m living with great people, so the lack of space is undoubtedly worth it.

Not a bad place to start over, if I do say so myself.


As we pass the six-month mark here at TO&E, I figured it’s about time for another shout-out to some of my favourite bloggers (check out the first post on this subject here!)

Some of them have been featured in my posts before, but others have been a silent influence.  Regardless, I’m absurdly thankful.

Dani Dearest is absolutely fantastic.  She recently inspired me to apply to start a Her Campus chapter at Gettysburg!

Ginger and Co.  covers some of my favourite topics!

Organized Charm introduced me to the semester spreadsheet that has proved absolutely invaluable in my college experience!

By Regina is pretty great— her blogging advice is amazing!

Living Well Spending Less covers recipes, cleaning, and saving!

GEN Y GIRL and GenTwenty have similar titles AND similar levels of greatness!

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall covers as broad a spectrum as TO&E!

Julianne Hough’s site is stellar.  Not only cuz she goes by Jules…. 🙂

Disney on my Mind is by far one of my favourites!

Not to mention two of the bloggers who’ve been the most supportful through my blogging journey, Sherina Speaks and The View From Duffy Square.

So, you all:  thank you for the amazing influence.  I’m eternally grateful.

101 in 1,001

A few weeks ago, my friend Kate from Living Colorfully in Copenhagen inspired me with her 101 in 1,001 list.

She writes….

“[101 in 1,001 is] a happy medium between a to-do list and a bucket list. Over the next 1,001 days (or 2.75 years) I will be crossing and checking each item off of my list, making regular progress towards meeting my longer term goals.”

While I’ve already discussed my full-on bucket list here at TO&E, I absolutely adore this idea.  And quite frankly, why not?

Start date:  August 21, 2015

End date: May 18, 2018

  1. Write my 101 in 1,0001.
  2. Visit at least five of the museums I’ve yet to check out in Gettysburg.  (0/5)
  3. Try fifteen new restaurants. (5/15:  The Ragged Edge (Gettysburg, PA), VLife NYC (New York, NY), White Castle (New York, NY), Waldo’s (Gettysburg. PA), Christine’s Cafe (Gettysburg, PA).
  4. Visit a place for the first time.
  5. Edit a book.
  6. Reach a total of 300 blog posts at TO&E. (175/300)
  7. Get an internship.  (Summer 2015, Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary Museum)
  8. Take at least four dance classes. (0/4)
  9. Try at least three new clubs/activities. (3/3:  The Mercury Literary Journal, Her Campus, Active Minds)
  10. Update my journal at least 60 times. (0/60)
  11. Take 101 pictures (of actual neat things, not just 50 candid shots of Cooper and Bullet). (0/101)
  12. Write 25 letters. (1/25)
  13. Keep in touch with at least five people from freshman year. (0/5)
  14. Try twenty recipes from my vegan cookbooks (here and here if you’re interested!). (1/20, Peanut Sauce)
  15. Get Nanny and Pop back to Gettysburg.
  16. Have a non-journalistic piece published.
  17. Make Dean’s list again.
  18. Make and keep at least five new friends. (0/5)
  19. Buy a really nice pair of shoes.
  20. Shop at Tiffany’s. 
  21. See another show on Broadway.
  22. Finish War and Peace and Anna Karenina.
  23. Rewatch the Harry Potter and original Star Wars series.
  24. Finish five TV series. (5/5:  F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Bob’s Burgers, The Tudors, How I Met Your Mother, Pretty Little Liars)
  25. Help Rachel transition to high school.
  26. Officially declare my Public History minor.
  27. Get a smartphone.
  28. Play a game of Monopoly the right way.
  29. Find a signature recipe.
  30. Have a 21st birthday party.
  31. Get business cards made.
  32. Have more than $1,500 in savings. (10/1,500)
  33. Go on a solo trip.
  34. Get my license.
  35. Finish at least 101 books. (10/101:  The Red Pony– John Steinbeck, After the Lost War:  A Narrative– Andrew Hudgins, History is In The Land– TJ Ferguson, Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegient– Veronica Roth, You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine– Alexandra Kleeman, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – Mindy Kaling, Breakfast at Tiffany’s– Truman Capote, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child-JK Rowling)
  36. Visit the Cashtown Inn.
  37. Go abroad.
  38. Learn a new skill.
  39. Graduate from Gettysburg College (or be at the point of graduation, if the date falls after the end date).
  40. Successfully run two 5Ks. (0/2)
  41. Meet someone famous.
  42. Take a group of friends on an investigation.
  43. Make a really good batch of cookies.
  44. Make someone’s day.
  45. See five “must-see” movies for the first time. (0/5)
  46. Beat a video game. (Spring 2016;  Neko Atsume)
  47. Stargaze.
  48. Find out my blood type.
  49. Ride a horse.
  50. Take a self-defense class.
  51. Adopt a rescue pet.
  52. Give a waiter/waitress a really good tip for a job well done.
  53. Make pasta from scratch.
  54. Go to a Major League baseball game.
  55. KonMari my life.
  56. Watch a sunrise.
  57. Buy something without looking at the price tag.
  58. Memorize at least three poems. (0/3)
  59. Make homemade hummus.
  60. Go to the farmer’s market.
  61. Memorize the most important Battle of Gettysburg figures (per my NPS-inspired flashcards).
  62. Visit a new historic site.
  63. Feature three guest posts on TO&E. (4/3, Across the Pond:  Learning at a Distance, Back to the Drawing Board, Anxiety, Depression— Handle With Care, College Involvement)
  64. Guest post on two other blogs. (1/2, The Mummy ToolBox)
  65. Solve at least one of my health issues. Migraines are gone!!
  66. Go to church at least once per month. (0/31)
  67. Attend one reading per year at the Ragged Edge. (0/4)
  68. Write and send thank-you notes.
  69. Be in the top 20 reviewers for Gettysburg on TripAdvisor.
  70. Comment on 25 different blogs. (25/25)
  71. Make homemade salad dressing.
  72. Get a passport.
  73. Go to three different Bullets sporting events. (0/3)
  74. Vary my passwords and update my password log accordingly.
  75. Buy an actual (nonscratchoff) lottery ticket.
  76. List the items in my dorm room & room at home…. Just in case.
  77. Send someone flowers.
  78. Tour the Yuengling brewery.
  79. Go to Knoebel’s.
  80. Successfully wear heels.
  81. Get an external hard drive and finally back up my computer.
  82. Finish all of the Jane Austen novels I currently own.
  83. DIY something.
  84. Get a credit card.
  85. Eat an orchard-fresh apple.
  86. Learn how to ride a bike.
  87. Make a Pinterest recipe.
  88. Make a (real) will.
  89. Have my name legally changed.
  90. Learn how to play chess.
  91. Go to the Renaissance Faire again.
  92. Go to a concert.
  93. Complete photo albums.
  94. Get a period photo taken in town.
  95. Spend a day watching Disney movies.
  96. Pet-sit for someone.
  97. Put $5 into savings for each item crossed off the list. (2/101)
  98. Blog about at least 80 of these. (1/80)
  99. Try ten new hairstyles. (0/10)
  100. Inspire three other people to make a 101 in 1,001 list! (1/3:  Kira of Mommy Makes Time)
  101. Complete all 101 items. (20/101)

“We’re going through changes….”

“It took so long to realize I can still hear his last goodbyes…. Now all my days, I’m filled in fears;  wish I could go back and change the years…. We’re going through changes….” –Changes, Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne

“TWO posts in one day?” you ask?

This one’s quick, I swear.

We’re truly going through some changes here at TO&E, particularly in the site’s aesthetic!  Let us know what you think!

3 Days, 3 Quotes: Day Two

Following up on yesterday’s post, I present Day Two of the 3 Days, 3 Quotes challenge.

Thanks again to Mary of Disney on my Mind for the nomination (if you haven’t already, visit her blog!).


Another of my favourite quotes.

I’ve long had an affinity for the endearment “darling,” perhaps as a byproduct of my early love for Lady and the Tramp and, more recently, for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  

More importantly, it’s no secret that I’m an incredibly anxious person.  In turn, it’s important for me to remind myself to take chances every once in a while.  Don’t check the clock fourteen times before work, or the alarm thrice before letting myself sleep.  Even the worst case scenario is worth the panic I tend to allow myself.


“As someone told me lately, everyone deserves the chance to fly.”

3 Days, 3 Quotes

Thanks to the wonderful Mary of Disney On My Mind for the nomination (check out her lovely blog to see for yourself!)!

As you can certainly tell from my post titles, I absolutely adore quotes.  Because of this, this challenge was particularly, well, challenging!  The hardest part?  Choosing just three!

But without further ado, here goes nothing.  First, my nominations!

Congratulations to these three!

And so, for today’s quote!

It’s only fitting that I should post a Tiffany’s quote.  This is meant, rather obviously, as an allusion to engagement.

No, I’m not engaged (sorry, Mom!), but I relate to this quote regardless.  The vagueness of the proposed question is, in my opinion, purposeful.  Out of context, “Will you?” can mean nearly anything.

These questions, in turn, defin your life.  Will you buy those shoes?  Will you take that job? Will you go to the gym? Will you sleep late?  Will you?

As usual, Tiffany’s is transcending the boundaries of a jewelry store.  And I’ll admit, their advice is pretty darn good.