“Oh, here I go….”

Now I know all the motions, and the steps to every dance, and I count cards at the table;  I never bet on chance.  I leave nothing to the gods, I know all the odds, and even so…. Still here I go, oh, here I go….  —Here I GoIf/Then

It’s been so long, my lovelies!

One thing has remained—If/Then remains the soundtrack to my time abroad.

It’s been a rollercoaster, but the primary appeal remains.  I absolutely love Bath and the UK at large.

I’m working on a few pieces that will look at some more specific places and adventures, but, in the meantime, how about some highlights?


I walk by Pulteney Bridge/Pulteney Weir at the River Avon on my way to class each day. Fun fact: This is the spot where Javert’s suicide is filmed in the most recent adaptation of Les Miserables!


Another portion of my commute: the gorgeous Bath Abbey.



I’ve seen some of the most remarkable scenes the world has to offer.  



All of the Harry Potter!  Remember the scene where Voldemort creeps through the gate and kills Lily and James in a shock of green, Disney villian-esque light?  Welcome to Godric’s Hollow.  


I’m sure it comes as no surprise that graveyards are one of my favourite settings (the stint in paranormal investigating may have given that away!).  This one is located in Steventon, where Jane Austen’s father held the local parish.  


ALL the Jane Austen, really.  

And, of course…so many cute animals!!

Yeah, I may be living the dream.

Is there anything you’d specifically like to hear more about during my travels?  Comment below! 🙂