“Merry Christmas, darling….”

“Greeting cards have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through, but I still have one wish to make, a special one for you…. Merry Christmas, darling.  We’re apart, that’s true, but I can dream and in my dreams, I’m Christmas-ing with you….”  —Merry Christmas, Darling (I like this version, by Lea Michele!)

That’s one of my all-time favourite Christmas songs (if you read my last post, here, you got an excerpt from one of my mom’s favourites!).

As promised, I’m following up with some more insight into my holiday festivities!

On Christmas Eve Eve (so, the 23rd), there was a family Christmas party (extravaganza, if you will) with my dad’s side of the family.  It was my first family gathering as a “real” Sebock (more on that in a post to come!), so it was extra special.  Bonus specialness?  My family from Texas (as of just a few years ago) came back to visit for the holidays!


One big, happy, Czech-Italian family!  

I had a few drinks with my older cousins for the first time, which was pretty darn cool.  With a family this big, being somewhere in the middle gets a bit intense—do you belong with the adults or the little kids as a teenager??  Now, I get to sit at the big kid (host provider) table.

Most importantly, I got to catch up with literally dozens of loved ones.  The energy in the house was crazy awesome, and there were hugs all around.


Aren’t we cute?


Now, let’s fast-forward to Christmas!  We started off with our Christmas Eve tradition—Christmas jammies!



Yes, that’s a Yoda sleep mask.  How well does my mom know me??


Christmas Day came and most of the family wasn’t feeling well, but we kept up the cheer the best we could!  Some highlights of the morning were my sister’s new art set and my sheep socks—seriously, it’s the little things!



Even Cooper was soon pooped from opening gifts!  


After a quick nap (like I said, everyone felt pretty gross, Christmas or not), my sister and I set to Christmas dinner-ing.  Mom had set up the Christmas ham for the omnivores of the house, but we made all the sides and my non-ham, so she could get some much-needed rest.



It turned out pretty darn well!


Later, after some more rest, we got dressed and headed to Nanny and Pop’s, my mom’s parents.  Rachel wasn’t feeling well, so Mom and I headed off on our own.

We’d gotten them some pretty neat gifts, like a much-loved movie on DVD and an ornament featuring Ralphie and his bunny suit from A Christmas Story.  But they topped off the night with this gorgeous gift (in the world’s coolest box, which I unfortunately don’t have a shot of), along with a quick “Since you’ll be in Britain….”



I’m in love.  


Sicknesses aside (still battling a migraine myself!), I’d say we’ve had a pretty holly jolly Christmas!

Here’s hoping you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season so far!

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