Warby Parker Home Try-On: What do you think?

So, my glasses are old.  Like, really old.  Better than nothing, but my sight isn’t great with them, let alone without.



So, when Warby Parker contacted me about testing their Home Try-On kit, I was pretty intrigued.  I’ve always gotten my glasses directly through my optometrist, but what better time than graduating in just over a year and needing to look professional  the present to try a nice name brand (granted, my glasses prior to these were Coach and I loved them, but still)?

Now, I haven’t fully come to a decision yet—will I buy one of the pairs from my WP kit?  Will I chicken out fall in love with a pair when I go for my eye exam?  Who knows?  But, some reader opinions maaaaay help me decide…. 🙂

First up:  “Welty” in Plum Marblewood


“Lyle” in Beach Glass


“Chilton” in Blueberry Buckle


“Laurel” in Peacock Green


“Daisy” in Aurelia Tortoise


Disclaimer:  If you decide to take a bunch of pictures with various glasses, label them.  Don’t trust your memory, nor your ability to locate the insert which shows them in order.  The online order form will be your new best friend.  You know, so I’m told…

One more quick word on Warby Parker:  they’re kinda brilliant.  Check out this article for a breakdown of their unconventional and super-cool start (as well as an attractive picture of Ryan Gosling, you’re welcome).

So, what do you think?  Should I get one of the glasses above?  Comment below to let me know!  If you want to get your own Home Try-On, check out Warby Parker for yourself—you won’t be disappointed!

Still not sold?  According to Buzzfeed, Harry Potter would wear Warby Parkers.  

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