Forget FOMO

As I’ve mentioned in my November Intentions post, Eventbrite has recently introduced me to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)’s worst enemy…GOMO:  Going Out More Often.  With their inspiration, I set out to GOMO for a few weeks (and, *spoiler alert* for long afterward).

First of all, check out Eventbrite’s own take on GOMO here.  What strikes me the most in this idea is the idea of valuing experience over material objects (read more from Eventbrite on that topic here).  This idea has been bouncing around the internet, almost solely in relation to millennials, but it didn’t really hit me until I came across GOMO.  So that’s where I focused:  in going out more often, I strove to experience things rather than buy lots (even if #NoSpendNovember didn’t work out).

GOMO Case #1:  NYC

If you read about my New York City trip, you may have noticed that I didn’t feature any purchases in the post (besides food).  That’s because I DIDN’T BUY ANYTHING.  Not at Tiffany’s, not even with the credit card.  And you know what?  I had an amazing time.

GOMO Case #2:  Paint Night

My roommate invited me to check out a Paint Night on campus, and after too many terrible weeks for both of us (and with the promise of free alcohol {thanks, host provider!}), we trotted across a frigid campus (which has proceeded to get even colder….) to paint some pictures.  The hosts put a nightscape up on the projection screen and we all tried to imitate it, with various adjustments suiting our personal style.  You can see that mine and my roommates are vaguely similar but totally different at the same time!


GOMO Case #3:  Wine Tasting

About a week after turning 21, I still hadn’t had a legal drink.  My best friend simply couldn’t stand for this and took me to the local wineries for a sangria at the first, then a super-classy tasting at the second.


While I tasted the “Black Magic” blackberry wine, Shelby had a truffle of the same flavour!

GOMO Case #4:  Halloween Party

This one was technically in October, but it’s too great (and this selfie is far too priceless) to not include.  My boss and good friend had a party at his house, which just so happened to coincide with the evening before my birthday (and his father-in-law’s birthday!).  Between falling totally in love with his cat and eating snacks shaped like mummies, the night was a great success.  I even got to hang out with his wax figure of John Ericsson (yes, we’re history nerds).  To top it all off, another guest brought a whistle as part of his costume…that just so happened to be used on the RMS Titanic.  Cue fangirling on my part.



I was Queen Elsa, not that I’m not always royalty. 😉


Overall?  My GOMO experiment was a great success.  Share your GOMO moments below or on our social media pages, and tag along as we keep up the good GOMO work! Inspired even beyond that? Try hosting a fitness class, fundraiser, concert, or your own creative event and sell your tickets with Eventbrite!

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