“I thought you were nuts, but you’re really really really nuts….”

“You’re so annoying you pitiful old man.  I’d like to help you but I don’t
know if I can.  I thought you were nuts, but you’re really really really nuts….”  —Nuts, Adventure Time

While I was working at the College Bookstore last summer, I was given a large pile of peanuts in-shell—obviously, the vegan needed the protein! Over time, they got to the point that they weren’t bad, but they just weren’t fresh anymore.  So, they became squirrel food.

The Gettysburg squirrels are fearless and absolutely adorable.  Whether they’re scurrying across the sidewalk or carrying a slice of pizza in their wake, the squirrels are a staple of GBC.

So, when I went to the Seminary for this summer, I had a pile of peanuts in tow.  Throwing a handful under the tree outside my window, I whiled away the hours watching the little fluffy tails scamper around.

Eventually, one specific squirrel decided to take this relationship a step further.  One morning I awoke to the sound of movement.  Wasn’t I surprised when it turned out to be a little furry friend tapping on the window!


Slowly but surely, this became a ritual:  Kennedy the squirrel coming to the window to wake me each morning, my giving him a few peanuts as a thank you.


He soon showed a preference for stopping by when I had music playing, especially Taylor Swift!


One day, while I was at work, Kennedy decided to take matters into his own hands.  He had chewed a little hole in the plastic that surrounded the air conditioner, taped over with a pile of duct tape—that day, he decided to crawl through it, knocking things off the table as he went.


Somehow, he got in and out by himself, before I got home.  Of course, I checked excessively.  My mom had a whole rant from me as I stood in a panic.  She sent me to a restaurant downtown to calm down, with a pile of peanuts waiting in the center of the room, across from the webcam, waiting just in case I’d missed something.

Upon coming home, the peanuts were in place and the webcam’s footage didn’t show any furry visitors.  In fact, Kennedy began avoiding the window.  I put peanuts at a farther distance, just in case.  But he was still my favorite little visitor!




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