“Daddy, I want a golden goose!”

“I want a feast, I want a bean feast, cream buns and dounuts and fruitcakewith no nuts so good you could go nuts…. No, now!”  —I Want It NowWilly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Old Willy Wonka > New Willy Wonka, even with Johnny Depp.

Anyway, time for the actual point of this post!!

You may have noticed sponsored posts popping up more often here at TO&E.  In the interest of full disclosure, I want to give some background before I continue to flood your Readers with reviews (okay, a review or two isn’t flooding, but you get my point.).

I recently joined Tomoson, a site where “Influencers” (bloggers like myself) can work with companies to review products for free or at a discounted rate.  Lots of free/cheap stuff?  Sounds like a win to me!

In exchange, we honestly share our thoughts about them on social media, including our website.

What does this mean for you, readers?  Well, you’ll get to hear my TO&E regarding some cool stuff, like this cookbook.  All sponsored posts will begin with the disclaimer seen in this post, so if you see it and really want to avoid a review, that’s your cue to exit the window.

Thanks as always for your love and support!


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