Top Down, Ain’t Nothing But Time

“Feels something like summertime, Top down, ain’t nothing but time.  Radio’s on and you’re by my side—it feels something like summertime….”  –Bon Jovi, Summertime

I’ve been hard at work at my internship since I returned to Gettysburg, but I wanted to catch you lovely readers up on things!

First of all, my apartment is fantastic.  My closet alone is bigger than a minimum of half of my past dorm rooms.




My bed is huge and made of memory foam!


There’s a playground—with swings—just a few yards from my window!

On the other side of that, my neighbors have horses!

I’m just across the hall from the laundry room!

And, I HAVE A KITCHEN(ette)!


Perhaps more importantly, I love my job.  The people I work with are fantastic, the work I’m doing shows results, and I’m actually happy with it.


If you’re following us on Instagram, have no fear— the Giant Floofy Farm Dogs are coming soon!  If you’re not following…. Well, you should.


So sayeth the cows.  @TOandEBlog


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