“Everything hurts and I’m dying.”

*I received this item for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own and completely honest.*

I’ve been telling my friends and family for ages that this should be the title of my future memoir.  It’s pretty much me every few days, at best.

Joint pain isn’t fun.  Fatigue isn’t fun.  Headaches aren’t fun.  Struggling to concentrate isn’t fun.  Life as of late really isn’t fun.

The primary theory is fibromyalgia, but there’s no formal diagnosis as of yet.  I’m just issue-ridden.

But these are tough issues.  I can’t sleep at night when my hips and shoulders start throbbing and wake me up to reposition.  I can’t stay awake through the day when I haven’t slept.  I can’t be productive when I’m struggling with pain of whatever type and couldn’t concentrate if I tried.

Fibro? Maybe.  Suckish?  Most definitely.

One concept I’ve found so far that’s helped? Adjusting my diet.  Being vegan helps profusely.  I could quite literally spend hours touting the benefits to both me and the environment.

I also had the opportunity to review this cookbook.  Fact:  I like food that is fast and I like food that is fresh.  Fact:  I like recipes that are vegan or can be easily made so.  Fact:  I really like this cookbook.

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