12 Ways to Survive Finals Season

This is arguably the worst point of the semester.  Between projects, papers, exams, and trying to cram in all the last-minute extracurricular nonsense, life becomes absolute craziness.  Admittedly, though, if you’re at school, you should probably prioritize schoolwork at least a little.  That being said, here are by tips for surviving your finals season.

The Keurig is your BFF.  

Coffee, tea, cider…. You name it, your Keurig (or your roommate/BF/neighbour’s Keurig) is there for you.  You’ll want his constant companionship as you struggle to comprehend Freud for the umpteenth time.

I’m one of the guiltiest when it comes to skipping meals (or at least skipping healthy meals in favour of soaking in more stress.  Eat something.  Preferably something healthy.  Your body will thank you.


Repeat after me:  ALL NIGHTERS ARE NOT HELPFUL.  You need the sleep more than you need those extra hours of delirious “studying.”

Prepare your toolkit
Read my suggestions here.

Talk to your professors.

When I took Astrophysics, I was in way over my head. By talking to the professor and getting some study tips (as well as letting him know I was worried!), I got through it with one of the better grades of that semester.  Whether or not you believe it, your professors are there to help you!

Plan ahead
It may be too late to do an intensive month-long schedule, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to do a bit of prep-work.  Print out a blank calendar and pick a different colour for each final.  Work backwards from the due date and make each task a bit more manageable!

Organize everything else
Take those extracurriculars, and get what you can out of the way ASAP.  Delegate what you can (spread it out, though, so you don’t just transfer your stress to someone else!).

Review your notes AND the readings.

I’m not saying to re-do all of your assignments, but skimming the readings once more (especially those you didn’t look at as in-depthly initially) can make a huge difference.

Research guides are your friend.  
Google what you don’t understand— chances are someone else has had the same question.  Make a study guide from your readings (even better if your professor gave one out!).  Just don’t let yourself stay stuck in confusion.

Utilize Google Drive.  
Group project?  Google Drive.  Basic graphic design?  Google Drive.  Presentation?  Google Drive.  Paper you don’t want to have half-deleted during a computer update?  Google Drive.  It’s a godsend.

Take those breaks.

You’re going to think it’s counterintuitive to stop working, but your brain and body both need the break.  Hit up the dining hall with your friends.  Call home.  Go find a dog to play with.  Do something that doesn’t relate to gender norms in the Eastern world for a while!

No matter what you do, don’t procrastinate now!!

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