Study Tools You NEED

Okay, so maybe you don’t neeeeeeed all of these things, at least not in an absolute sense.  For me, though, they’re pretty darn crucial to making it through those strenuous study sessions.


This guy gets it.t

And backups.  Bonus points if you have a sharpener.  I’m a fan of Dixon Ticonderogas (like, die-hard fan, don’t judge me), but I’ll sometimes cave and use mechanical to avoid the panic of a dull point.

Coloured Pens
With whiteout.  There is very little in this world (and don’t ask me what) that isn’t better when colour-coded.  I find it especially helpful to re-write notes in different colours, like vocab words in orange.

These are my absolute favourite!  So many pretty colours!  Colour-code and prettify ALL the notes and study guides!

Chances are, if you need to study a subject, you can utilize flashcards in some way (except maybe applied mathematics, but who wants to do that anyway??).  Use a case like this one to keep your stacks organized.

If you’re utilizing the library, you can’t write in the books (if you aren’t utilizing the library, what the $^@% is wrong with you???).  Use post-its to note important points, pre-write citations, etc.  The flags are great for marking pages, as I’m sure you know!

Sharpie Pens
Okay, so you could really use any pen, but these are by far the best, in my opinion (these get the silver medal, though!).

Nothing is as bad as getting dehydrated while holed up in the library/academic building/dorm desk.

Same goes for caffeine withdrawal, only double.

Playlist or Noise
If you like to study with music, have a go-to playlist of motivational songs (see mine here!).  If that’s not your style, but the silence is too much to bear, check out white/any other color noise.  I recommend Noizio!  Note:  USE HEADPHONES to avoid angry glares/comments from your peers.

Hear me out.  Sleep is important.  College kids lead crazy hectic lives.  Naps are crucial.

And Pinterest, if you can handle the temptation to browse.  With study tips and answers to nearly any question you could have, the internet is your friend.  Check out my personal board of college tips here!

Or Tylenol/Motrin/whatever painkiller you prefer.  Just have something for the seemingly inevitable headache, so you can knock it out as quickly as possible.

Leggings & a sweatshirt/sweater.
You want to be as comfy as possible when studying, but not so comfy that you want to fall asleep immediately (that means you, cat pajamas).  The cozier the outfit, the better the study session.

Vitamins & Emergen-C (or equivalent Vitamin C)
It seems like EVERYONE gets sick this time of year.  Avoid this with some proactivity!

Self Control
Not only the actual virtue, but the app or an equivalent can help quell your temptation to check your Instagram every five minutes.

This one’s a bit contested, but I often find that a low-profile show playing in the background is the perfect “noise” to aid my studying, and it makes it seem a lot less like hard work.

Most importantly, know yourself and what works for you!


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