“Just like everyone…”

“You see, you’re just like everyone; when the sh*t falls all you want to do is run away and hide all by yourself.  When you’re far from me there’s nothing else….” -When Your Mind’s Made Up, Once

It’s no secret that when I like something, I really like it.

Once is no exception.


I recently rediscovered my love for this show when a friend and I were discussing the allure of Ireland. “Do you know the movie Once?”  Actually, I didn’t.  But, I knew the musical.

Me being me, I sought out the film.  Fun fact:  this is one of those fun little cases where the movie came first!


Of course, I fell in love.

If you don’t know, Once tells the story of an unnamed street musician/broken-hearted-hoover-fixer-sucker-guy, an unnamed Czech immigrant (oh, hey, I’m Czech.  That obviously makes me feel more like the character, as if that’s possible).  As the Guy’s music career launches (with Girl’s help, of course), the feeling between them blossom as is typical of any story in which Guy meets Girl.  But where’s the appeal in that cliché?  Nothing’s that easy, so let’s mess it up.  Hopeless romantics, meet reality.  It sucks.  You’re gonna love it.


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