“I Love Fall!”

I was tagged by Jazmin of  live laugh… LOVE YOUR TWENTIES to take part in the “I love fall” tag.  Though it’s being posted on the final day of the official autumn  a few days into winter (thanks, migraine), know that I don’t take it any less seriously.

Fall is truly my favourite season!  My birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything in between, hoodies, scarves, and boots accompany me through the best of the seasons.

Without further ado….

1.  Favourite Fall Lip Product


Not unlike the lovely T-Swift, a red lip is part of my go-to Style, especially as the air gets colder!

2.  Favourite Drink for Fall 


As my amazing first-year roommate was well-aware, apple cider is the way to go come fall.

3.  Favourite Fall Nail Polish


Most of the time, you’ll see me with a “plain” clear polish.  I love it because it’s so versatile!  

4.  Favourite Fall Candle

Much to my dismay, I can’t have candles in the dorm.  That being said, I love this air freshener, year round!

pure vanilla joy solid air freshener

Much to my dismay, I can’t have candles in the dorm.  That being said, I love this air freshener year round!

5.  Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride, or Haunted Corn Maze


How about a haunted battlefield?


6.  Favourite Scarf/Accessory for Fall


Paired with another red lip and my trusty best friend, a polka-dot scarf completes any ensemble!

7.  Favourite Candy


One of the wonders of the accidentally-vegan snack world.

8.  Favourite Horror Movie


I’ve recently become quite the horror movie enthusiast, but this is one of the few I’ve been able to rewatch! Hard to beat Mr. King.

9.  Favourite Blush for Fall


A natural blush, of course! From the cold, surprise, or sheer joy, nothing tops the real thing.

10.  Favourite Thing About Fall


Thanks to Thanksgiving and (sometimes) the start of Holiday Break,

Now, due to my unfortunate timing, tags become difficult.  The cure?  Answer for winter, my dears!

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