30-Day Writing Challenge, Day 25: Four weird traits you have

I’m unquestionably strange.  Here’s just a sampling of my eccentricities:

1.  “I’m a slut for dogs”

A direct quote from one of my peers, I’m rather obsessed with these cuddly four-legged creatures.  At their best, they quiet my anxiety.  At the least, they’re amazing snuggle buddies.  Whether it’s obsessing over Cooper, visiting my advisor (‘s dog), or stalking the pet store for “socialization” purposes.


This is Henry.

2.  I’m quite certain I’ll marry Prince Harry.  Who else will buy me Tiffany’s?


3.  I walk on my toes at weird times.  Sock-ing it up in the halls of the dorm?  I’m probably on my toes.  My feet resemble a cat/dog, raised for inexplicable purposes.  Don’t know why, don’t know how to stop it.  I’m also incredibly disturbed by feet as a rule, so that’s an addition.


4.  I insist on naming my electronics.  With the exception of my phone, Philip, they’re all males, too.



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