30-Day Writing Challenge, Day Sixteen: Bullet Your Entire Day

*Note:  Though this will be back-dated to it’s intended date of posting, the content will express November 20th.

  • Alarm goes off.  Hit “dismiss” a few times.  Finally get out of bed.
  • Shower.  Enjoy Dancing Through Life.  Perhaps today will be that great of a day?
  • Get dressed, remember how sore my shoulder/back are (from sleeping, of all things).
  • Study.  That astrophysics exam isn’t going to pass itself.
  • Organize.  Reply to emails, plan this week’s Her Campus content.
  • Test time!  Take the astronomy exam, hopefully do fairly well.
  • Back to work.  Head to the English lounge, work a lot.  Try to be productive.
  • Bathroom break.  Run into a beagle?  Totally normal.
  • Her Campus meeting.  Explain new accountability policies, give killer pep talk.
  • Group project meeting.  Prove that I have some idea as to what’s going on with this project, continue planning for remainder thereof.
  • Dance Ensemble showcase.  Go support the team despite your inability to be on stage with them.
  • More productivity. Or, attempts at such.  Get something accomplished.
  • Remember that it’s Friday.  Watch Netflix to celebrate.
  • Count down the days until seeing this face!



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