30-Day Writing Challenge, Day Twelve: Two words/phrases that make you laugh

We live in an age where you’re more likely to crack up over an inside joke with friends or breath outward in a slightly heavier fashion while scrolling through the internet…. “LOL.”

In a few cases, however, a few tried and true phrases or words are guaranteed to cause a case of the giggles.  Here are two of mine!


Sometimes my mom and I will pull out “lightly fried fish fillets” on one another from out of nowhere.  It’s especially appropriate with Fishless Fish Fillets!


Another one originating with Mom (as I brainstormed for this post, I realized just how much of my laughter stems from her— thanks, Mommy!).  We pull this one out for anything even remotely against our “rules,” like the bagel I had for dinner the other day.

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