30-Day Writing Challenge, Day Two: Your earliest memory

Though I’m not sure of the exact date, I know my earliest memory takes place when I am quite young.  I’m sure there are some photos somewhere, documenting the era if not the exact moments, but I unfortunately don’t have any digitized and available….

In this memory (which seems truly like a dream, I’ve thought back to it so many times), my grandmother and I are in her bathroom.  Her sister’s daughter, Kimberly, just a few years older than me, and I were going to play in my kiddie pool, a little purple plastic thing that stayed in that yard for years.


I remember having an Elmo, similar to the photo above.  Elmo was all the rage when I was a little kid!  I stood there in my bathing suit with Nanny, contemplating whether to take Elmo outside with me.

I have the faintest recollection of actually going outside to play (a rare occurrence indeed, for shy little me!), and I assume Kim and I enjoyed ourselves!

Crazy as it seems, she has her own little one now, a beautiful baby girl named Aubrey.  Meanwhile, I’m off at college, a pretty far cry from Elmo and his little clamshell friend (though my accumulation of Perry the Platypuses may imply otherwise).  Tempus fugit, amici.

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