30 Day Writing Challenge, Day One: Five problems with social media

Today, The Writer’s Circle posted a 30-Day Writing Challenge on their Facebook page.

Now, this overlaps with NaNoWriMo, so it may not be the world’s most successful endeavor.  Regardless, it’s bound to be a blast!  That being said, here goes day one:

Five Problems With Social Media:  

1.  Everyone has an opinion.  Believe it or not, not every opinion is not congruent with that of every other!  This leads to conflict, because people like to share their opinions, quite aggressively at times.  In my opinion (see what I did there?), you should share your opinions in your own space, as warranted, but respect others as if they were your own.  You can read more about my TO&E on this here.

2.  It’s A Wonderful Life.  Thanks to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, we’re able to keep up with our friend’s goings-on more easily than ever.  Unfortunately for us, those friends also have near-total control of which events, photos, and endeavors we see.  You’ll see their baby’s three-month milestones, their ecstasy at losing those last ten pounds, and their best friends wedding;  you’re shielded from the 3am crying fits, the binging on cake after a long day, and the terrible argument over who gets to be Maid of Honour.  We see an idealized version of lives, and, for many, an unrealistic comparison to our own.  Have you ever scrolled through someone’s vacation shots while on your lunch break?  That feeling shouldn’t last just because someone’s online life looks glamourous— there’s more to it than you know.  The grass isn’t always greener, right?

3.  Living beyond the moment.  I’m a huge proponent of photographs, don’t get me wrong.  For a while, that was my sole goal in life.  With the advent of social media, however, photos of everything are taken all of the time.  At what point is it too much, making us miss out on the real deal?

4.  Whoops.  For some people, the thought of whether or not to share that selfie of their obviously-intoxicated self and last night’s keg might not cross their mind.  “That’ll make a great prof pic,” they may think.  Until your grandma, your priest, and your future employer take note of it.  Is that the impression you’d like them to have of you?  It takes diligence to ensure only a positive image of you is projected through your social media outlets.

5.  “Breaking News!”  Thanks to Facebook’s “Trending” category, I know when major world events occur (just in case you have absolutely no access to any form of major news outlet, you know).  I also know when any of the Kardashians or Beyonce puts anything on Instagram, what happened at the latest DWTS rehearsal, and what a monkey in Bolivia did last Tuesday.  Is this really newsworthy, Facebook?  A Buzzfeed post, perhaps, but not quite “Trending,” if you ask me.  Quite unnecessarily problematic.

Be like Tim, and use social media wisely. Image via http://i.imgur.com/j6pFFtM.jpg

Be like Tim, and use social media wisely. Image via http://i.imgur.com/j6pFFtM.jpg

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