Guest Post: Across the pond…learning at a distance (TheMummyToolBox)

Recently, I put out a call for guest bloggers, and the community didn’t disappoint!

Today, I’m featuring the wonderful Charlotte of TheMummyToolBox.

She's been an absolute joy to work with! :)

She’s been an absolute joy to work with! 🙂

In comparison to my full-time student status, she’s conquering education from a very different standpoint.  Read on to learn more!

Across the pond… learning at a distance

My name is Charlotte and I am a distance learner <<< how ominous did that sound! I’m in England and I am working towards my BA(hons) Degree in Leadership and Management from home, part time.

“Why?” I hear you ask.  Well, I didn’t go to college— instead,  I threw a teenage hissy fit and thought I knew better –and then I regretted it (awkward). I always enjoyed school and love the idea of having a degree, so I decided to get one, BUT I have an almost four-year-old son who obviously takes up a lot of my time, which means that I can’t just “go away” to university and I am restricted to how many days I can study. So I decided to study with The Open University: apart from exams and optional tutorials once a month, everything is from home and online. I’m not saying you should skip school or anything, but this suits me perfectly and I much prefer the freedom to work faster or slower!

Whenever this comes up with people they always ask if it’s a real degree – like I would waste 5 years of time and money to do a fake one!! Then they always ask if the degree itself is worth less than one from a traditional Uni – my answer is this – employers are actually recognizing the worth of a formal at home degree more because it shows you are able to work independently, self-motivate and prioritize around other tasks (I don’t know about you, but employers like those things!).

So what does a usual week of my distance learning actually look like?

Monday – 2 hours working through activities/making notes etc

Tuesday – 2 more hours of activities and notes

Wednesday – 1 hour contributing online to the forums and blogs (these are compulsory and you get awarded marks towards the final grade)

Thursday – 2 hours completing online tasks, 1 hour additional reading (lots of reading)

Friday – 1 hour replying to other contributions online (yep ,compulsory too), 1 hour additional reading

Saturday – Yep, working weekends! – 2 hours online activities and tasks

Sunday – Off – if I’ve managed to get everything done.  If not this is catchup day.

Total Time per week = 10 – 12 hours (ish)

Exam or Assignment week

Monday – Friday – WHY, WHY, SHOULD I QUIT? No, I mean I’ve gotten this far maybe I’ll try again…THERE’S NO WAY I’M GOING TO GET THIS DONE *procrastinates and watches old Disney movies*, WHY DOES NONE OF THIS MAKE SENSE!?! *cries endlessly onto notes and computer and myself*

Saturday – oh wait….

Sunday – Hands in *crosses fingers – goes for a drink*

There are downsides to all this though: it’s part time, it takes longer (4-7 years, depending on your speed, sometimes longer depending on the course) and although you get support from home if you don’t understand a subject, you can waste time learning things wrong. It is not for everybody BUT it is definitely for me.

To find out more about me:

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Thanks again to Charlotte for stopping by, and be sure to check out her blog and social media! 🙂

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