“Dogs are everywhere….”

“Dogs are everywhere, almost everywhere that I go…. They have too much, and then they have too much again, and then more.  They leave their scent behind them everywhere they go;  oh, dogs are everywhere that I go….”                                                                               –Dogs Are Everywhere, Pulp

It’s no secret that we here at TO&E like puppies.

Today, we’re here to tell you about a very special dog!

Meet Bones, the dog of my family’s priest, Father Adam.  When I first became Catholic, I (understandably) fell head over heels for Bones, and never looked back!


Like me, Bones has had some medical issues.  Recently, a tree branch stuck in his mouth kept him from romping around as usual.  Luckily, he had a speedy recovery!

As a result of this injury, Bones has been nominated for the “Hambone Award,” for strange insurance claims, which could help his vet win a $10,000 grant to help other pets like Bones!

Voting closes tomorrow, but please take a moment to vote for Bones!

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