Those VEGANS….


For many people, this word conjures up evil images of naked, blood-throwing PETA fanatics who detest humanity and want to pull out the canine teeth of lions.

Image via @vegansidekick on Instagram

Image via @vegansidekick on Instagram

One family friend went so far as to compare my veganism to dishonoring war veterans— just how, I’ve yet to solve (for the record, a veteran friend of mine subsequently explained that he supports my choice, so he didn’t seem too offended).

Well, I hate to disillusion you all, but….

  • My protein levels are good; my doctor has verified this .
  • Same with B12.
  • I’m not starving to death (despite my mom’s worry!).

    Like this wonderful Spinach Fruit Salad!

    Thanks to meals like this wonderful Spinach Fruit Salad!

  • I actually have some great recipes.  In fact, I’ll be running an upcoming review and giveaway with Kate from My Spiritual Roadtrip featuring some particularly delicious treats… Stay tuned for more!
  • I wear cruelty-free clothing and don’t feel the need to rip it off to prove a point.
  • I don’t banish my friends from the dinner table for putting butter on their mashed potatoes.  To each his/her own, whether or not I agree.
  • It’s not that hard to replace milk with almond milk or eggs with flax seed.
  • It doesn’t cost much more either.
  • I lift weights, quite successfully, so no, I’m not a pathetic, plant-fueled weakling.
  • Cows haven’t taken over the world since I became vegan, nor have they starved because I eat grains.
  • Plants do not have nociceptors.  They do not feel pain.
    Just ask Melvin!

    Just ask Melvin!

    Believe it or not, I can be vegan, healthy, and a relatively good person! 🙂


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