Four Things

I’m currently bundled up in approximately half a dozen layers while freezing my roommate out as I recover from what is quite possibly food poisoning.  While I feel pretty terrible in that regard, I also feel pretty bad about not posting more regularly as of late.  What can I say?  School, work, Her Campus, and life in general have gotten in the way.

In the spirit of a quick, yet meaningful post, I was inspired by Kimberley’s Chronicle, who was inspired by Two Thirds Hazel, who was in turn inspired by the internet and Divergent’s Four to post about Four Things.

Four Nicknames:
-Jules:  Variants include Jul, if you’re particularly special, or Julie if you’re my boss, who I’m not sure knows my actual or preferred names.
-Jewie:  No one’s quite sure where this originated, aside from being a variant of my given name.  If anyone outside of my immediate family refers to me thus, however, I’d be worried.
-Fishy:  If and only if you are my mom, or vice versa.  It’s appalling how many of our conversations are entirely Finding Nemo quotes.
-Princess:  Assuming you recognize my regality.

Once a Princess, always a Princess.

Once a Princess, always a Princess.

Four Things In My Bag:
-Marty:  My iPod is always there.  If I’m on campus, he serves for communication.  Off campus, he serves as, well, comfort.  What more is there to ask for?
-Lip balm:  At present, a grapefruit EOS serves this purpose (although, ironically enough, actual grapefruit interferes with my medication).
-A book:  Right now, it’s James Deetz’s In Small Things Forgotten.  This fact is very much a product of my being a student or being a reincarnation of Rory Gilmore;  it’s the former at the moment.
-A planner:  I picked up a tiny planner in the Dollar section of Target that’s absolutely perfect for slipping into my bag.  It definitely comes in handy when someone asks “Are you free…?”

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:
-Beauty and the Beast:  Waaaaaaay too many.  I started watching this one on repeat at as early an age as I can remember, and never stopped!
-Grown Ups:  Ironically enough, I can’t stand this movie.  However, my family has a certain affinity for it, and I’ve sat through it countless times as a result.
-The Phantom of the Opera:  Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler…. For what more could any theatre-fan ask of the silver screen?
-RV:  Growing up, this film was our go-to for any and all road trips and vacations.  Now, it’s tear-inducing nostalgia.  #RIPRobinWilliams


Four Favourite Drinks:
-Coffee:  Was this not an obvious response?
-Iced Tea:  Specifically from Dunkin’ Donuts.
-London Fog:  Now that it’s getting cooler out, this is my go-to Starbucks order (at least until Apple Cider returns, and the two alternate!).
-Water:  Because, you know, it’s essential to life and whatnot.

Four Random Things I’m Thinking About:
-Jane Eyre:  I just finished this novel (finally!) for my English class, and it’s been one of those books that isn’t “finished” regardless.  The hopeless romantic in me is overjoyed, the cynicist in me is incredibly skeptical.
-Penny:  My advisor’s lovely dog.  I’ve unofficially adopted her (and told him as much) after working an absurd number of hours in the office last week.  The puppy cuddles were quite welcome amid my excess stress.

-How crappy I currently feel:  I truly don’t want to complain, but this is rather horrid.  Can’t I have a period of time in which nothing hurts?
-Flies:  There is a plethora of them in my new house.  It’s small enough, without sharing!  Maybe this will decrease come winter?

Four Top Places I’ve Traveled:
-Gettysburg, PA:  Okay, so I technically live here.  But hey, there’s no place like home!
-New York, NY:  I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve visited the city, but I love it every time.  I’ve contemplated living there numerous times, but I’m just not sure I could tolerate that many people.
-Ocean City, MD:  I can’t stand the beach.  I’m way too pale to get any enjoyment of a sunny, sandy day.  The boardwalk, though, I like. I like the boardwalk a lot.
-City Point, VA:  Visiting Virginia this summer was absolutely amazing.  Richmond was great, but the City Point view was insurmountable.


Four Places I’ve Lived:
-Pottsville, PA:  Home of Yuengling brewery, John O’Hara, and the Molly Maguires, you’ve nevertheless most likely never heard of Pottsville.
-Minersville, PA:  If you’ve never heard of Pottsville, you’ve most certainly never heard of Minersville.
-Schuylkill Haven, PA:  I spent the most time in Schuylkill Haven, yet have the least to say about it.  Some great teachers, but a rather horrid school system.
-Gettysburg, PA:  I guess you could say I like this one. 🙂

Four TV Shows I’m Currently Watching:
-The Tudors:  After doing my graduation-requirement major research project on King Henry and his many wives (with an emphasis on his beloved Jane), I was enthralled by their legacy.  Unfortunately, I’m only now getting around to watching the entire series.  RIP William.
-Pretty Little Liars:  I have tried repeatedly to watch this series, but get sidetracked every time.  Now that I’ve recently gotten into the habit of watching primarily one series at a time, this will hopefully be concluded soon.  I’ve often been compared to Aria (and if it means I can pretend to date Ian Harding, so be it).
-Courage the Cowardly Dog:  Holy nostalgia.  This show terrified me as a kid, and it terrifies me now.
-NFL:  Since I don’t have actual TV, let alone time to frequently watch it, I’m going to count my obsessive following of these boys’ games as my fourth show, at least since baseball season concludes.  Packers, Broncos, and Jets, in that order.

Four Things I’m Excited For This Year:  
-Launching Her Campus Gettysburg:  I’m super ecstatic to come onboard as Gettysburg College’s Campus Correspondent!  We launch September 29th, so keep an eye out for more information!
-Autumn:  My birthday’s the day before Halloween, and I’ve always had a love for the season that surrounds it.  Black cats and scary stories and hoodies and scarves and apples galore!
-The Lunar Eclipse:  While my astrophysics class continuously terrifies me, it continues to fascinate me.  For example, later this month there will be a lunar eclipse and I’m super excited to see it!
-Thanksgiving:  Each year, Gettysburg’s Dining Center has a campus-wide Thanksgiving dinner, where they provide a hearty vegan option and you get to share in celebrations with 11 of your closest friends.  Soon after, Thanksgiving break will allow me to visit my family (and Cooper!) and enjoy my mom’s equally wonderful vegan “turkey” option!

And so, my favorite number, Four, for the sake of your entertainment!



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