Starting Over Again

“And I was losing myself out in the darkness alone, but the night made me strong and I learned to let go. Time mends the heart;  you turn the page, somehow, oh, there’s no lookin’ back— the hurtin’s behind you now.  Starting over again…..” –Starting Over, Cher

As I return to the real world, I’ve had some pretty good news come along.

  • I started writing for Uloop News.  The site is described as “college news and classifieds,” and I’ll be covering news and the like from Gettysburg.

    Harry and I now come up together in Google. #truelove

    Harry and I now come up together in Google. #truelove

  • I’m starting a Her Campus chapter here at Gettysburg.  After reading Dani Dearest’s piece on how the experience has affected her, I—being a longtime fan of the site— decided to try it myself.  After a surprisingly intense application process, I filled out some paperwork today to make it official!
  • I visited my family for a few days, which was a welcome break from the endless work my summer had started to become.
    IMG_2048 IMG_2297
  • I’ve started working on my 101 in 1,001 list.
  • I’ve made some impressive short-term progress on my 2015 Reading Challenge.
  • I’ve discovered the wonder that is Brownie Batter Oreos (shout-out to Nabisco for vegan cookies).
  • I met MiLB’s wonderful Brodie Greene.
  • I went school supply shopping (which can only mean a new colour-coded post coming in the near future!).
  • I moved into my new room.  It’s a far cry from “large” (I affectionately refer to it as “The Shoebox”), but I prefer to call it “cozy.”  I’m living with great people, so the lack of space is undoubtedly worth it.

Not a bad place to start over, if I do say so myself.

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