As we pass the six-month mark here at TO&E, I figured it’s about time for another shout-out to some of my favourite bloggers (check out the first post on this subject here!)

Some of them have been featured in my posts before, but others have been a silent influence.  Regardless, I’m absurdly thankful.

Dani Dearest is absolutely fantastic.  She recently inspired me to apply to start a Her Campus chapter at Gettysburg!

Ginger and Co.  covers some of my favourite topics!

Organized Charm introduced me to the semester spreadsheet that has proved absolutely invaluable in my college experience!

By Regina is pretty great— her blogging advice is amazing!

Living Well Spending Less covers recipes, cleaning, and saving!

GEN Y GIRL and GenTwenty have similar titles AND similar levels of greatness!

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall covers as broad a spectrum as TO&E!

Julianne Hough’s site is stellar.  Not only cuz she goes by Jules…. 🙂

Disney on my Mind is by far one of my favourites!

Not to mention two of the bloggers who’ve been the most supportful through my blogging journey, Sherina Speaks and The View From Duffy Square.

So, you all:  thank you for the amazing influence.  I’m eternally grateful.

7 thoughts on “Inspirations

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the shoutout! It completely caught me off guard! Congratulations on reaching your six-month mark. I’m someone who hardly ever “finishes” or, in the case of a blog, maintains her writing projects, so when I get a notification that you’ve posted, I feel inspired and intimidated. Your posts inspire me to be a better version of myself – so thank you for continuing to post. I love your blog.

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