3 Days, 3 Quotes

Thanks to the wonderful Mary of Disney On My Mind for the nomination (check out her lovely blog to see for yourself!)!

As you can certainly tell from my post titles, I absolutely adore quotes.  Because of this, this challenge was particularly, well, challenging!  The hardest part?  Choosing just three!

But without further ado, here goes nothing.  First, my nominations!

Congratulations to these three!

And so, for today’s quote!

It’s only fitting that I should post a Tiffany’s quote.  This is meant, rather obviously, as an allusion to engagement.

No, I’m not engaged (sorry, Mom!), but I relate to this quote regardless.  The vagueness of the proposed question is, in my opinion, purposeful.  Out of context, “Will you?” can mean nearly anything.

These questions, in turn, defin your life.  Will you buy those shoes?  Will you take that job? Will you go to the gym? Will you sleep late?  Will you?

As usual, Tiffany’s is transcending the boundaries of a jewelry store.  And I’ll admit, their advice is pretty darn good.

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