The Circle of Life

According to Google:

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 1.24.58 PM

The source looks a bit terrifying, but I’m going to assume Google knows what it’s talking about.

According to this, I’ve lived through enough deaths that my calculator needs an “e” to list it. More of these than I’d like have been people I know.  I’m lucky enough to have two healthy parents and a sister, two living grandparents, and plenty of friends and family, but I’ve lost far too many people for my taste (granted, the pleasant alternative is zero, and the Lion King would not approve of that scenario).

Most recently, my mom’s cousin passed away.  I’d never had the opportunity to meet her, as she lived over 1,000 miles away, but this hit me unreasonably hard.

I’ve got a reputation of being the emotionally strong one in my family.  It’s ironic, considering my constant worries otherwise, but it’s like they say, I guess:  when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

In this case, I got incredibly depressed.  Maybe it was because she was close to my mom’s age, or that they’d been rather close.  Maybe it was because I never had the chance to know her, nor will I ever.  Maybe it was simply my breaking point.

Over the weekend, I checked my grandfather’s Facebook page.  Though he’s stopped regularly using the site, he appreciates it when I check in to see if anyone’s messaged him (which is quite frequently, as he’s a great guy!).  Going through the motions of deleting spam, and checking requests, I came across a message from the young woman who my had just lost.

Sent several months ago, on the day following Pop’s birthday, the message was simple a reply to the thank you (typed by me) in response to her birthday wish:  “Things are good, hope the same for you and the family.”

Logically, I know the context of the message, but it hit me hard nevertheless.  From what I’ve heard over the years, she’d had a hard life;  maybe this shows she’s truly in a better place.


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