It’s the little things. #TFT

The title of this post, a favorite phrase of my grandfather’s, rings true.

I recently downloaded an app called Grid Diary, in which you answer a series of simple questions each day.  It’s unbelievably relaxing, incredibly cute, and helps me focus on the best parts of the day, even when it seems that there are none.

One of the questions is simply “What are you grateful for?” Each day, without fail, are the basic “friends, family, etc.,” responses.  Many days, Gettysburg is specified.  Most often, though, are the more insignificant things, those that could be easily overlooked.  Thanks to this app, they aren’t anymore.

So, what are these little things?

  • Coffee:  Yes, I’m well aware of my addiction.  No, that doesn’t make me any less grateful for its existence.
Chirpy Bird agrees.

Chirpy Bird agrees.

  • Oregano: Call me crazy, but I have an intense love for this spice.  My go-to order at any sandwich shop is full of vegetables…and nothing else.  Now, as much as I love vegetables, they don’t make for a very exciting sub/hoagie/grinder. Add a drizzle of oil and some oregano, however, and you’re in for a treat!


  • Bullet:  My wonderful little fishy dude.  A lot of people discount fish in the grand scheme of life. Pescatarians exclude ten in their “meat-free” lifestyle (dear world:  there’s no difference between claiming to be a pescatarian and claiming to be vegetarian, “except you eat chicken.” One of my biggest pet peeves.).  But these little fellas are pretty great. If Finding Nemo hasn’t already taught you that, you should meet my Bullet.  My neighbors probably think I’m either crazy or smuggled a dog into my room for how much I talk to him.  Strange, yes.  But comforting nevertheless.  He’s a great listener!


  • Cooper: In the same category, is Cooper.  For all he’s featured here at TO&E, I still don’t do him justice.  He’s pretty great.


  • Marty:  Yes, I named my iPod.  Fancy college student or not, I refuse to forget how hard I worked for him and all of the convenience he brings.

Photo on 6-3-15 at 9.15 PM

  • Dixon Ticonderoga pencils:  I may be one of the only people in the world with a favorite pencil brand.  In fact, I won’t use anything else if I can avoid it!


Of course, I’m still incredibly grateful for the more noticeable things in life, like food and water, shelter, health, happiness, liberty, life, property (sorry, my history major may be showing!).  At the same time, I can’t help but be thankful for the little things.


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