“What, with your two zillion and three apps?”

Somehow, I’ve refrained from sharing this joy with all of you.

Recently, I acquired a lovely IPod Touch.

I’ve spent years wanting one, and finally decided to treat myself!

One of my best friends has made a habit of teasing me for my excessive apps, hence this post’s title.  Excessive or not, they can be pretty helpful!

In honor of this (belated) occasion, here’s my list of must-have apps!  I won’t screenshot them all and bore you with little icons, but some of the prettier groups can be featured!

  • High School Story and Hollywood University:  Incredibly unnecessary simulation games.  Incredibly addicting.
  • AA:  My roommate introduced me to this game, in which you try to add spokes to a spinning wheel-like thing without hitting one that’s already attached.  It gets absurdly frustrating at times, but in the same way that Candy Crush does:  as positively as frustrating can be.
  • Llamas  <- The only app I’ve ever paid for.  You play as Carl the Llama (of Llamas with Hats fame) and kick people off of a cruise ship.  Perfect for those days when everyone seems particularly irritating.
  • Swipurr:  Tinder for cats.  Need I say more?
  • MiLB First Pitch, MLB At Bat, and NFL Mobile:  Have to keep up with my boys!


  • Coursera: ….is simply amazing, and shall have an entire post of its own in the near future. πŸ™‚
  • Dragon Dictation:  Not the world’s most accurate dictation system (or so I assume), but it gets the job done!  Ideal for thinking out loud.
  • Duolingo: I’ve been admittedly slacking lately, but this app is great.  I hope to visit my family in Spain when I go abroad, and while I’ll be far from fluent, I might be able to get by with some basics.  Thanks, Duolingo.
  • Gettysburg, because, well, I’m me.
  • iTunes University:  Surprisingly awesome.
  • Khan Academy:  My original  source of unnecessary learning. I’ve yet to explore the app much, but I’m sure it’s great if it correlates with the main site!
  • Mint:  This is a very nice app for viewing all of my bank accounts in one place (especially since only one of my institutions has its own app).  There are lots of additional features, like budgets but I’m not quite as experienced with those (yet)….


Are you truly surprised by my having a Tiffany’s folder?  The first app is simply trying on engagement rings.  Am I anywhere near engaged?  Nope.  Do I still obsess over this app? Yup.  The latter is a collection of really cute, real-life love stories.  Great for a quick pick-me-up!


Must-haves for anyone with chronic headaches.  Granted, I sometimes don’t think of logging them until I’m too nauseated/dizzy/near tears to do so, but they’re great when I do— plus, doctors love when you can give them some sort of detail!


Of course there’s an animal rights/veganism folder.  Is It Vegan? has a wonderful barcode scanner that’s a lifesaver (literally).  Both PETA apps allow you to participate in their activist missions from the convenient location of your mobile device!


  • allwomenstalk is a bunch of super female-centric, random articles.  They’re often targeted to age groups above or below mine, but they can be interesting, and are a great way to kill a little bit of time!
  • Facebook, obviously.  FaceTime’s automatically added (Thanks, Apple).
  • Houzz is similar to Pinterest, but entirely home decor.  I have a great time furnishing my fictional home (with Harry’s budget, of course πŸ™‚ ).
  • Instagram has become a bit of an obsession.  There maaaaaaay be a TO&E account in the future….
  • LinkedIn, for my inner ambitious freak.
  • Messenger, Pinterest, and Skype to fuel some more addictions, as well as communications.
  • Snapchat is a great addition to my social life— a vast majority of my friends communicate primarily through it, so my FOMO is far less now.
  • Timehop is a daily blast from the past, reminding you of whatever you documented doing on this day in years past.  That could be good, that could be bad.
  • TextFree was an ad on one of my time-wasting games, and I figured, why not?  I haven’t abandoned my cell phone, but it keeps me from constantly switching between devices.
  • Tumblr & Twitter…. and WordPress, of course!
  • Aaaaaand, Yik Yak.  Anonymous, mostly college-based comments.  Sometimes useful:  “Hey, what’s for dinner tonight?”  Sometimes terrible:  “Oh my gosh, this person doing this thing is gross @$#%$^&*&^%$#@#%^&.”  I keep it for the former.

This list is a bit absurdly long, so I apologize.  One more before you go?


Hopefully, you’ve found an app (or a few!) that you’d like to download.  Feel free to share your own suggestions with me!

7 thoughts on ““What, with your two zillion and three apps?”

      • Emily says:

        I love GoodReads! I’m on level 24…I was severely addicted for a period of time! I was wondering how I’m doing on there compared to other players. I’m not very good at video games. Oh – I wanted to also share with you. If you like those simulator games, you’ll love the Sims FreePlay. It’s based on the traditional Sims games for computers, but it’s free and it’s different enough to keep it interesting. I had to stop playing because it took up so much of my time, but it’s fun!


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