“If you try to deny me, I’ll never die….”

“I’m alive, I’m alive, I am so alive— if you climb on my back, then we both can fly.  If you try to deny me, I’ll never die, I’m alive….” –I’m Alive, Next to Normal

First of all:  Little to nothing in this world is as attractive as Aaron Tveit in that role.  Seriously, click the link.

Also:  I referred to myself as a sophomore for the first time today.  Woah.


As regular readers probably know, one of my many jobs is with Mason Dixon Paranormal Society.


On one hand, this is a great icebreaker.  On the other hand, there can be a lot of rather judgemental responses.  Sometimes, people are great and totally intrigued.  Others…. Well, you can imagine.  With that in mind, here are some fun little FAQ’s about my job as a ghost tour guide and paranormal investigator.

Q)  You do whaaaat?
A)  Yes, you heard me properly.  Paranormal society.  

Q)  How’d you get into that?
A)  Well, I’d always had an interest in the paranormal, which climaxed here in Gettysburg.  Mark Nesbitt’s books intrigued me (in fact, I was utterly starstruck when I met him last year).  For a while after reading them, I strongly considered going into parapsychology.  Though history trumped it, the interest remained.
Early last school year, my best friend and I were walking through town when we came across a stand advertising ghost tours and investigations.  After talking to one of the owners for a bit, we revealed that we’re college students;  he soon asked if we’d be willing to hang some flyers advertising job openings for him.  Within a few days, I called him expressing an interest, and it’s all history from there on out.

Q)  What do you do there?
A)  I’m trained to do the one-hour and two-hour history walks, the latter of which focuses on Abraham Lincoln, and regular and family-friendly investigations.  We also have a popular pub crawl, which I’ll work on next fall (2016).

Q)  How do you do history walks if you’re a paranormal society?
A)  We do both.  As a historian, I enjoy the walks.  With my personal interests, I enjoy the investigations.  It’s the best of both worlds!

Q)  Do you believe in ghosts?
A)  Yes, I do.

Q)  Have you ever seen a ghost?
A)  Not in Gettysburg.  I’ve talked to them here many times, though.

Q)  What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had?
A)  Once on Sach’s Bridge, I had a conversation (via the flashlight test, in which spirits can communicate by turning a “torch” on and off) with a young Confederate soldier.  Before I left, I asked if he would touch my hand, and soon distinctly felt a touch.


So, yes, I do this.  No, it’s not my total career goal.  Nevertheless, I enjoy it.  Yes, it’s unusual.  But hey, it’s a step up from drugs and partying, yes?  Then there’s no need for judgment.

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