A Life Unheard Of

Today’s been a good day.

Not meh.

Not simply existent.


This day, right here:

Better mark down this date.

Better mark down this date.

Biggest news first:  I’ve been accepted as a 2015-2016 CWI Fellow (yep, same group as the conference I posted about yesterday!  Read more about it here!).  Long story short, I’m doing yet another civil war thing that I foresee loving.

I also found out that I aced a paper I’d been a bit unsure of, which is always a plus.

I had lunch with one of my best friends after not seeing her for a few days, and we got to wander around between classes.

I got rid of the large container of (nonvegan, aka inedible) cookies that had been taking up far too much space in my room.

I ate what may have been the world’s fastest breakfast and made it to class on time (with coffee!).

I came up with some great ideas for my next Creative Writing endeavor (thanks to Mom for additional inspiration!)— the only downside is that I can’t pick just one with ease!

I got a lot of research and presentation materials finished for my Environmental Studies class.  Anyone need to know anything about Emperor Penguins?

The weather’s been absolutely fantastic, which means pretty dresses can be worn.

Overall, I’ve been crazy productive the last few days— I’m (wait for it…..) ahead on my work.  I’m expecting the blizzard to come tomorrow.

Here’s hoping this motivation, productivity, and general enthusiasm continues!

Happy, happy Monday, everyone!


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