“Sing along with me, sing-sing along with me”

Buzzfeed posted this article today, discussing Meghan Trainor’s recent music video for “Dear Future Husband.”  This just so happens to be the accompaniment to my upcoming swing performance:  I’m awfully familiar with the song.

In the video, Trainor channels her inner fifties housewife, cleaning, baking, etc., complete with perfectly winged eyeliner.

Very Cinderella-esque.  "A dream is a wish your heart makes....."

Very Cinderella-esque. “A dream is a wish your heart makes…..”

According to Buzzfeed, people are outraged over the decision, quoting lyrics from the song in their anti-feminist depictions of it.

“Take me on a date/ I deserve it, babe/ And don’t forget the flowers every anniversary/ ‘Cause if you treat me right/ I’ll be the perfect wife/ Buying groceries/Buy-buying what you need

How dare she stereotype women as having to buy the groceries???

Whoops, I enjoy grocery shopping.  I’d be willing to buy my future husband’s groceries.  Too bad, it’s obviously sexist.  This song will obviously set the women’s rights movement back sixty-some years.

But WAIT.  Let’s check out the full song, shall we?

Like the very next verse:

“You got that 9 to 5/ But baby, so do I/ So don’t be thinking I’ll be home and baking apple pies/ I never learned to cook/ But I can write a hook/ Sing along with me/ Sing-sing along with me”

So, basically, “don’t expect me to be a stereotypical housewife and do all of the cooking, because I have a job, too, and you’ll be disappointed.”  Hmm.

"Hey, I'm not gonna be an outdated expectation, k?"

“Hey, I’m not gonna be an outdated expectation, k?”

My personal favourite?  The last line of the song.

“Dear future husband, better love me right

Leaving listeners, like a conclusion in any writing, with the main idea.  “Dear guy I someday hope to marry, don’t treat me like crap.”  Sounds pretty twenty-first century to me.

If you ask me, we should focus our “very strong feelings” on real, actual problems.  Wage gap? Problem. World hunger? Problem.  Cancer? Problem.  Legitimate sexism/racism/geocentrism?  Problems.

Song lyrics out of context?  Not a problem.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.57.40 PM

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