“Should have known right from the start you can’t predict the end….”

“They were young and independent, and they thought they had it planned;  should have known right from the start you can’t predict the end.” –Memories, Panic! at the Disco

(Seriously a great song that I 100% recommend you check out.  The whole album is pretty fantastic, really!)

It’s pretty much a fact that most people are unable to predict the future (If you’re psychic and want to volunteer your services, let me know because that’d be cool).  This causes lots and lots of anxiety over “what-if’s,” at least in my case.  But there’s a silver lining:  sometimes things turn out significantly better than you could ever have suspected!

I pretty much saw my life as a play-by-play when I was little.  I’d graduate high school, go to Penn State, go become a journalist, and live with a whole bunch of cats (and maybe some parakeets, if the cats were okay with it).

Then, exactly one year ago today, I got accepted to my dream school.


Well, take a look at me now!

Now, this is far from everything that’s happened or everyone’s that’s influenced the last 365 days, but it’s a pretty great highlights reel.  I’m unbelievably thankful for everything I’ve experienced and the people I’ve experienced it with!

In this exact moment, you, dear reader, are a part of that.  I’m extremely grateful for this, and for you!

If you’d have asked me ten years ago “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I wouldn’t have dreamed I’d be where I am today (granted, I’ve still got some growing up to do!).  Nevertheless, I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s turned out!


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