“The sea is wide, and I cannot swim o’er….”

“I wish I was in Carrickfergus, where the castle looks out to sea.  I would swim over the deepest ocean for my love to be with me, but the sea is wide and I cannot swim over, nor have I the wings to fly.  I wish I had a handsome boatman to ferry me over, my love and I.”  Carrickfergus

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My mom’s family comes primarily from Wales (with a whole bunch of others, including a bit o’ Irish), my father’s from Italy and Czechoslovakia.  Regardless, my family’s always cherished that bit of Irish, so St. Paddy’s Day is close to our heart.

One of the most prominent manifestations of this interest is an interest in the music, passed down through several generations.

Many years ago, we discovered Celtic Woman.


And soon after, we found Celtic Thunder.


Our interest grew to the point of adoration, and we went to see the latter in Wilkes-Barre, PA (yet somehow have no pictures of this adventure, much to my dismay).  We followed them more closely than the girls, through countless changes, especially in members.  We’ve got a special fondness for the originals, and kept track of those that went out on their own:  Paul’s solo endeavors, Damian’s US-based Glee term, Ryan’s ill-health, and George’s tragic loss.  Through the ups and downs, we’ve loved them.

Someday, I’ll celebrate this holiday in the country that’s famous for it.  Tonight, I’ll be celebrating at a Pub/Restaurant with some friends, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy some music, shall we?


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