“I can’t drive, I’m a goose!”

In honor of our last day of break (and my Disney obsession), my friend and I went to see Disney’s live-action Cinderella.  


I must say, I was impressed!

I’ve had a slight, unprovoked resentment toward Cinderella for a long time.  When I was very little, there was a general tendency to promote her to the blonde little girl who liked the color blue.  I was more of a Belle fan (whose movie, on a related note, I’m totally psyched for!) and subsequently hated this push.

Later, my little sister was a MAJOR Cinderella fan.


This was only taken down a week ago.

That contributed to the dislike also.

Nevertheless, the trailer looked quite good, and Frozen Fever was tempting.  Thus, we arrived at the theatre!


The conclusion?  It was fantastic.  (Spoilers may occur in the near future).

I was a little unsure about it at first.  Ella’s mother’s mantra “Have courage and be kind,” seemed a little corny, admittedly, and I didn’t like the girl playing young Ella at first.  But, if nothing else, Richard Madden was quite attractive as the prince, so that was nice.

The movie didn’t line up perfectly with the original.  Cate Blanchett’s Evil Stepmother was gorgeous, for one.  Most notably, Ella and Prince Charming aka Kit meet prior to the ball- a welcome, though surprising change from the appearance-based love at first sight of the animation.  Check out the below link for a professional comparison!

The portion I was most concerned about, though, was the dress change (side note, Helena Bonham Carter’s Fairy Godmother was pretty great).  It’s known to be Walt’s favourite piece of animation, so I was anxious to see if they’d do it justice…. I think he’d be proud.

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