Books are Best.

If you’ve been following TO&E, you’ve probably caught on to how much I like books.  (Hint: The answer is “A Lot.”)

So, early on in the year, I decided to start the 2015 Reading Challenge!

2015 Reading Challenge

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For me, this translates to:

  • War and Peace- Leo Tolstoy
  • Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Truman Capote
  • Binary Star- Sarah Gerard
  • 1984- George Orwell
  • Midnight Meanders- Annika Jensen [a personal friend of mine!]
  • The Hobbit- JRR Tolkien
  • The Next Thing On My List- Jill Smolinski
  • Emma- Jane Austen
  • Thinner- Stephen King
  • Lolita- Vladimir Nabokov
  • The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Memoirs of a Geisha- Arthur Golden
  • Royal Affairs- Leslie Carroll
  • The Thomas Berryman Number- James Patterson
  • The Longest Ride- Nicholas Sparks
  • The Things They Carried- Tim O’Brien
  • Profiles in Courage- John F. Kennedy
  • The Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank
  • The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap- Paulette Mahurin
  • Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn
  • The Turn of the Screw- Henry James
  • Dubliners- James Joyce
  • Mary, Bloody Mary- Carolyn Meyer
  • Tender is the Night- F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Orange is the New Black- Piper Kerman
  • The Fool’s Girl- Celia Rees
  • North and South- John Jakes
  • Bridget Jones’ Diary- Helen Fielding
  • The War of the Roses- Alsion Weir
  • Mr. Darcy, Vampyre- Amanda Grange
  • The Mortal Instruments- Cassandra Clare
  • Gregor the Overlander- Suzanne Collins
  • Wuthering Heights- Emily Brontë
  • Divergent- Veronica Roth
  • Just Listen- Sarah Dessen
  • The Color Purple- Alice Walker
  • A Child Called It- David Pelzer
  • The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern
  • Gettysburg- CM Butzer
  • As I Lay Dying- William Faulkner
  • Broken Promises- Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman
  • The Farmer’s Hotel- John O’Hara
  • Detective Story- Imre Kertesz
  • The Christmas Shoes- Donna VanLiere
  • The Red Pony- John Steinbeck
  • The Pillowman- Martin McDonagh
  • Beloved- Toni Morrison
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell- Susanna Clarke
  • Madame Bovary- Gustave Flaubert

Bold books are finished, italicized are in progress-  I’m not quite as far as I’d like to be, but considering War and Peace (see this post for more on that endeavor!), it’s not tooooooo bad!  My reading should also pick up come summer, when only work gets in the way, as opposed to James McPherson and Gary Gallagher [note: I highly enjoy both of these writers under normal conditions- not so much when they’re assigned].

So yes, lots of books to come in the next 9 months, but it’ll be great! Anybody doing a challenge of their own, or have a review of any of the books that are part of mine?  Share your TO&E below!


7 thoughts on “Books are Best.

  1. Emily says:

    Wow! This is a fantastic idea! I use and try to challenge myself to read a certain number of books in a calendar year. In 2013 I made it to 75, and in 2014 I made it to 50. If I can make it to 50 again in 2015, I’ll be mostly satisfied. I mean, 50 is almost a book a week, and I’m in college, so that’s not too shabby. I do love the idea of this challenge, though, and I know it would be sure to get me to read very diversely! I am considering doing it. The only thing is I don’t I could plan the whole group in advance! Also, I’ve read several on your list – seven, to be exact – and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. 🙂

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    • thoughtsopinionsandeverything says:

      I use Goodreads also, it’s an amazing motivator! I’m definitely feeling the same way with balancing reading against college (who would’ve guessed I’d have a lot of class readings for an English/History major?). Some of the books might change a bit depending on what I can actually obtain (I’m awaiting the moment I can’t find one in the library!), but I’m hoping to stick pretty closely to the list. I’ll be sure to keep updating as I get through so we can discuss them! 🙂


      • Emily says:

        It is! I love Goodreads. I really push myself to read a ton in the summer because, like you said, because that’s when I have time! I wish I had at least a little assigned fun reading with my major, although I am like you in that I don’t like assigned readings on principle. That’s cool, it’s still an awesome idea!

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