“Vacation, all I ever wanted….”

Life has been crazy lately.  I haven’t had official midterms, but lots and lots of papers and tests and whatnot.  I spent several days in bed, sick, yet working incessantly (admittedly while Gilmore Girls played in the background), and I’m still not entirely sure I don’t have the Plague.  A break is welcome.

Before this guy comes to get me.

Before this guy comes to get me.

Luckily enough, today starts Spring Break!  Now, we got a fresh snowfall last night- not exactly spring-like weather.  It’s not even spring by definition yet.

DSCF6545 DSCF6546

Regardless:  it’s break time!

I’ll be spending a little over a week with one of my best friends and her family, just outside of Philadelphia.  Aside from the obvious benefit of getting to spend with her, there’s a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts- one of the very few things Gettysburg lacks-, a nearby Barnes & Noble, and two dogs…. I’m quite excited!

Of course, there’ll still be plenty of posts here at TO&E, so no worries 🙂

Happy (Almost) Spring!

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