Organize, Agitate, Educate: A TO&E Original Series

Okay, so this may not be the “war cry” that Susan B. Anthony intended. But if the shoe fits….

For most of my life, I was incredibly unorganized (I was even sent to a special workshop for it in middle school- there’s a certificate of completion somewhere in my parents’ house!).  Then I simply decided I’d had enough;  it was time to change.  And boy, has there been change!

Office supplies are kind of my favorite thing.  Seriously- give me paper clips and I’ll become your best friend!

As I embarked on this journey, I had some help, especially from Pinterest.  In retrospect, a lot of that help was from blogs just like this!

There are plenty of organization blogs in the world, and I’m not going to claim that my methods are the absolute best and will work for everyone- that’s not true.  However, what works for me may very well work for someone else, so why not continue the cycle?

With this in mind, I’m thrilled to announce the first-ever Thoughts, Opinions, and Everything in Between series!  Throughout the month of March, I’ll be posting every Sunday about different facets of how I handle organization.  “Why Sunday?” you ask?  Sunday night is when I get prepared for the week ahead, and, as the weekend ends, a new week begins.  What better time for some motivation?

So get your pens and highlighters ready, and mark the next few Sundays in your calendar-  there’s a lot of fun ahead!  In the meantime, check out this post from Buzzfeed for some office supply excitement 🙂


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