“How comedic are squirrels?”

“How comedic are squirrels?  We don’t have squirrels in Australia.  The first time I saw a squirrel was at a meeting at Disney.”  –Liam Hemsworth

Growing up in Northeast PA, I’ve had a lot more experience with squirrels than Liam had.  Little did I know the surprise that awaited me at college.

"Obviously I'm studying at the library, human."

“Obviously I’m studying at the library, human.”

Squirrels are apparently a major aspect of many colleges- just ask The Huffington Post and USA Today College.

The squirrels here are just as great, though they aren’t listed in those links.

They hang out sporadically around campus.

"What, can't I observe this adirondack chair?"

“What, can’t I observe this Adirondack chair?”

"Muahaha, it's mine now!"

“Muahaha, it’s mine now!”

They try to blend in and do normal squirrelly things.

"Just sittin' in a tree...."

“Just sittin’ in a tree….”

But then they decide to go Spiderman on you.

"Spidey-squirrel powers, activate!"

“Spidey-squirrel powers, activate!”

One of my good friends here at school shares my love of these little furry guys.  Check out her birthday present to me!

Posing with Emmett, my Keurig :)  I got her this!

Posing with Emmett, my Keurig 🙂
I got her this for Christmas!

This past week has been crazy.  Like, three tests, two papers, and some quizzes crazy, on top of work and my excess of extracurriculars.  After a particularly mind-numbing science test, I tried to relax for a bit, soaking up some Vitamin D in the 30 degree weather.  That’s when this guy showed up!

He might look familiar if you follow TO&E on Facebook!

He might look familiar if you follow TO&E on Facebook!

We hung out for awhile while I waited for my next responsibility.

DSCF6538 DSCF6537 DSCF6536 DSCF6535 DSCF6532 DSCF6533 DSCF6534

Thank you, Mr. Squirrel, for giving me something other than the pelagic zone to focus on.  Thank you Campus Squirrels, for all you do.


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