“Will you share your life with me for the next ten minutes?”

Or, rather, the next ten posts?

"And if we make it til then, can I ask you again for another ten?"  Thank you for having the perfect quote once again, The Last Five Years.

“And if we make it til then, can I ask you again for another ten?” Thank you for having the perfect quote once again, The Last Five Years.

This marks my tenth post here at TO&E!  Thank you so much for sticking with me, or for joining along the way!

To celebrate, I figured today’s post can explain this musical that I’m so adamant about quoting.


Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years premiered in 2001, and off-Broadway in 2002.  The latter production starred Norbert Leo Butz and Sherie Rene Scott.

I don’t know if I can truly do this amazing show justice in a description, but bear with me.

The show opens with Still Hurting (performed in this link by Lauren Kennedy), in which the female protagonist, Cathy, sings of her failed relationship with the male lead, Jamie.  Her distress is followed by Jamie’s Shiksa Goddess (Adam Kantor in link), in which he sings about this amazing non-Jewish girl he’s falling for.  As it turns out, his “goddess” is Cathy.

The beauty of The Last Five Years is that Jamie is singing of this doomed relationship chronologically, from first meeting his “Shiksa Goddess” to their eventual split, while Cathy’s songs are in reverse, from the split to Goodbye, where she puts into song the post-first-date magical feelings of perfection.  They meet in the middle for their engagement in The Next Ten Minutes (ladies, if the Central Park setting isn’t enough to secure a “yes,” then the lyrics undoubtedly are!).  The amazingly wonky timeline mixes with fantastic music and characters to form a truly great show.

The film adaption, starring Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick, recently premiered in the US (I’m blaming the concurrent timing of Fifty Shades of Grey for its lack of popularity).  I’d been counting the minutes until the clock said “Na na na na na na na, oh Jules, you’ll get to be happy!” and the movie was available.  Thankfully, iTunes supplied a digital download to make up for the closest theater showing being in DC, so I could watch it almost immediately.  Since then (~ten days), I’ve watched over half a dozen times.  You could call it an obsession.

The film lived up to and went beyond my expectations.  Jeremey led me to actually like Jamie’s character (I adore Norbert, but could never sympathize with his portrayal) and his voice is absolutely to die for- I will shamelessly admit to falling at least a little bit in love with him after his very first number.  Anna’s performance was fantastic, as expected, but I (saying this, I know I’m committing some form of treason and hope the internet doesn’t murder me in retaliation) wasn’t sure her range lived up to the part at some points.  Regardless, she did extremely well overall, and the chemistry between the two was fantastic.  The movie included everything from cameos by Jason Robert Brown and Sherie Rene Scott to a shoutout to the Sound of Music.  In short, I love it.

How many more times will I watch this film and/or listen to the soundtrack in the future?  Only time will tell.  Why not join me?


2 thoughts on ““Will you share your life with me for the next ten minutes?”

  1. ericdarryl says:

    The Last 5 Years has a totally different demographic from 50 Shades so i would not blame the latter as I don’t even want to associate them in any way or form LOL. The songs had been playing in my head since seeing the movie 🙂


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