A Little Bit of Everything

I worked at a Recreation Department last summer and Keith Urban’s “Little Bit of Everything” became the theme song for me and my coworkers.  If you’re not familiar with it, leave now check out the chorus:

“I don’t need too much of nothing, I just wanna sing a little chill song, get my groove on, pour something strong down in my drink. Oh I know that I don’t need a whole lot of anything, I just want a little bit of everything” (Keith Urban, Little Bit of Everything)

This is followed by a bunch of “na”s and general perfection (I’m not biased at all).

The point of this lesson in country music is that this blog is predominantly going to feature my opinions regarding various topics, and my interests (and subsequently, my blog posts) follow this pattern of containing a little bit of everything.  I’ve written blogs in the past that were far more specific, and it didn’t take long for the topics to wear thin.  I’m hoping that this generality will solve that!

So, who’s behind this little bit of everything at TO&E? Check out my About page for more information!


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